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Are you looking for prompt roof repairs for your home? Maybe you want to invest in new asphalt shingles for your business. Whatever your needs, reach out to our team at SW Roofing & Construction for reliable customer service and premium workmanship!

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Your Dependable Residential Roofing Company in Dekalb

As a homeowner, you’re likely familiar with some common roofing problems that can occur over time. From compromised rubber seals missing shingles, these issues can cause serious damage when left unaddressed.

As an experienced roofing company, we understand the importance of quick responses and attention to detail. Our residential roofing contractors will inquire about your concerns and, upon agreement, get to work on restoring your structure.

An experienced DeKalb Roofing Company

We’re an experienced Dekalb roofing company that can handle a wide range of projects. Our dedicated contractors also specialize in other construction services like gutter upgrades and window installations.


Don’t take a chance with your home or business. With our deep ties to the Illinois community and extensive track record of success in roofing projects, you can expect no less than complete satisfaction when you choose our roofing services.

Do You Need Help with Your Commercial Roofing in Dekalb, IL?

Your business can’t afford any downtime due to roofing issues. We understand that you need to prioritize dependability and reliability when choosing a roofing company, and we’re here to help.

Every SW roofing contractor follows a 17-point inspection process to quickly evaluate your building and pinpoint potential weak spots. Afterward, we’ll provide you with detailed solutions and immediately get to work on your roofing needs. We exclusively source our roofing materials from trusted industry manufacturers like:

Top Three Indicators You Need to Call a Contractor for Roof Repair

Your roof protects your property from the elements 24/7, so it pays to stay vigilant about its condition. The moment you notice these common warning signs, seek out our commercial and residential roofing company for prompt assistance:


Damaged Asphalt Shingles

Do some parts of your roof look inconsistent? It could stem from loose, broken, or missing shingles. You should also call our roofing company if you see odd granule accumulation in the downspout or gutter system — another clear sign of deteriorating shingles.


Leaking Roof

Any professional roofing team will tell you that even the tiniest roofing leak can lead to costly structural damage and widespread mold growth over time. Watch out for warped and stained surfaces, musty odors, and unexplained wet spots on the top floors of your property. If these issues seem familiar, contact our roofing company right away.


Sagging Roof

Inspect your roofing for dips on the flat parts, a bowing roof line, or random humps and waviness. Sagging roofing portions often result from a failing foundation or rotting decking, both of which need attention from a professional roofing company. Contact our roofing services professionals in Dekalb to assess the situation and discuss possible roof repair options.

Choosing New Roofing

Illinois homeowners and businesses have to deal with their fair share of extreme weather conditions, so it’s best to invest in sturdy roofing. As a leading roofing company, our experts at SW Roofing & Construction can recommend the best materials and finishes for your structure, and promptly get to work.
Some popular options for a new roof include:

Our Roofing Contractors
Can Address Your Siding Needs

Unlike your average roofing company, we also specialize in siding repairs, installation, and maintenance services. We have the skills and industry experience to handle all kinds of metal, plastic, and wooden material. With a well-rounded solution from our team of roofers, you can ensure you receive the best protection and visual appeal for your property.

Protect Your Roofing with Our Premium Gutter Services

Gutter systems play an essential role in channeling water away from your roof and walls. As a roofing company, our SW Roofing & Construction experts offer a reliable gutter installation service for homeowners and businesses in Dekalb. Our roofing professionals can also provide maintenance and repairs to your existing gutters, so you don’t have to worry about water seepage or mold growth.

Call Our Window Service for Premier Workmanship

Do you want a secure and more energy-efficient home? We’re a roofing company that also provides a window service for all kinds of structures. Our dedicated professionals can help you select the best frames, glass quality, and glazing options to suit your projects.

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For every project, our company follows an efficient process and meets deadlines without fail.

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