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Riding High: A ‘Roof-larious’ Spin on Choosing the Best Commercial Roofing Materials!

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Take a Walk Above Your Business with an Informative Spin on Commercial Roofing Materials

The world of commercial roofing materials is not all it appears to be. As many people have found out, quality building supplies can actually send your business property value skyrocketing through the roof, and this all starts with the primary keyword: Commercial Roofing Materials; your ticket to a better business outlook.

Slate or Asphalt: The Shingling Truth

Not surprisingly, 80% of all U.S. roofs, and countless similar roofs in Dekalb, IL, choose to dress in asphalt shingles. The popularity contest continues to favour these low-cost, simple-to-install favourites every year, according to a study conducted by the trustworthy folks at the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA). Yes folks, that’s your fun fact for the day. To possibly no one’s shock, asphalt proves to be the “cool” choice to others in its class of commercial roof types.

Why the asphalt accolade?

Asphalt shingles are not just durable roofing materials, they come with an enviable ease of installation and a price tag that has triggered countless business property upgrades. A commercial roof replacement has never been easier or more affordable.

Breaking Seams: The Growth of TPO Systems

Next in the limelight, we have the somewhat fancy sounding TPO Roofing Systems. No, it’s not a new breed of tea or a band, it’s a trend that’s sweeping the realm of commercial roofing. A recent survey from the NRCA, (those guys again), reveals that TPO roofing systems have been piling up the popularity points in commercial applications.

What’s the TPO tumult all about?

TPO systems provide top-class durability and energy efficiency. Energy bills are a pesky concern for most businesses. Choosing a TPO system for your roof can lay those concerns to bed – definitely something worth investing in if you’re considering professional roof installation.

The Green Shift: EPDM Emerges as the Eco-Friendly King

The U.S. General Services Administration has proudly crowned EPDM as one of the most sustainable and environmentally friendly commercial roofing materials available today.

What’s so cool (literally) about EPDM?

EPDM shows its superiority with its outstanding ability for lower temperature absorption and heat emission capabilities. Commercial or industrial roofing solutions have never looked so ‘green’!

Your Roofing Questions Answered – FAQ Section

Q: What are some signs of needing a roof replacement?

A: Look out for consistent roofing leaks, missing or damaged shingles, or visible sagging.

Q: Are TPO Systems suitable for residential roofing?

A: Absolutely! TPO Systems are versatile and can effectively seal out the elements for both commercial and residential properties.

Q: Is EPDM roofing affordable?

A: While initially higher in cost compared to some materials, EPDM’s sustainability benefits and long life span make it an affordable long-term choice.

Here are a few handy tips to steer you towards your ideal roof:

1. Balance factors such as cost, durability, and environmental impact in your decision.

2. Get professional advice regarding your roofing needs.

3. Regular maintenance can extend the life of your roof – never neglect it!

Send Your Business Through the Roof

In the roller-coaster ride of selecting Commercial Roofing Materials, we should aim to strike a balance. Asphalt shingles may be cost-effective but aren’t as durable as TPO systems. EPDM roofing, while a touch pricier, promises cool and sustainable benefits for your business establishment.

Let’s keep our roofs strong and our businesses stronger! Happy roofing, folks!

Table of Contents

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